Upgrade Navigator - FAQ

What does Upgrade Navigator do?
Easy: Upgrade Navigator allows you to find the cheapest option to upgrade a Star Citizen source ship that you own, to the target ship you desire. Select the ship you want, the ship you have and upgrade navigator will instantly show you the cheapest upgrade path that's currently available to upgrade your existing source ship into your desired target ship.

Will the target ship have LTI?
If the source ship you upgrade has Lifetime Insurance (LTI), then your target ship after the upgrade will also have LTI.

If I buy upgrades, how do I use them?
You'll need both the required source ship and the upgrade in your hangar on the RSI website. (Note: ships acquired in game cannot be upgraded!)
Find the upgrade (on the RSI website) and look for a ">" icon to unfold the details. You'll then see an 'Apply" button to use the upgrade and select the source ship to be upgraded. If you plan on multiple upgrade steps, just apply one upgrade after the other

My upgrade is not available?
If no upgrade path is shown, then typically the reason is that your source ship may be of higher value than your target ship. Star Citizen upgrades typically work from cheaper to higher priced ships. Try using a different (cheaper) source ship, or consider buying your target ship straight away rather than upgrading.
If an upgrade path is shown but a listed product is unavailable, please simply wait 5 minutes and try again - Upgrade Navigator receives data from involved websites frequently, but in some cases it may happen that a product is sold out the moment it's shown to you. Just wait a moment and updated data will be available to you.

Does Upgrade Navigator need access to my RSI Account?
No RSI data of yours is required, nor will we process any RSI data of yours, nor any other confidential data of yours.
Upgrade Navigator is just that: a free and easy tool, to instantly find the cheapest upgrade path from the ship you have, to the ship you want.

Does upgrade Navigator receive a commission for ships sold?
Upgrade Navigator is a tool provided to the community free of charge. Upgrade Navigator does not receive financial benefit for purchases referred by the Upgrade Navigator website.
With the number of ships and upgrades available in Star Citizen, we ourselves found it increasingly hard to find possible upgrade paths. Direct upgrades are often unavailable and more expensive, and it makes sense to upgrade your ships from your source to target in multiple steps; a tedious procedure.
Upgrade Navigator makes this as easy as two mouse clicks - and thanks to Star Hangar, LLC sponsoring our tool - we are now happy to share this capability with our fellow Star Citizen communit

Are there Future Features planned?

Upgrade Navigator is designed as an open community service.
Future Features planned:

  • Additional Marketplaces and Products
    Thanks to Star Hangar, LLC sponsoring our initial version, their webstore was the first we integrated. Nonetheless this is an open community tool and our top priority will be to integrate RSI and other websites in the upcoming months :) We will further make sure that you have the option to select which websites to include in your upgrade paths, and which not.
  • Complete Ship Comparison
    Upgrade paths are great - but sometimes buying the target ship is simply cheaper than upgrading the ship you have. After all, aren't two ships better than one? As we don't want to miss out on such bargains, we plan to include that in our price comparisons.
  • RSI saving comparison
    Is the upgrade a bargain, or do you pay a premium for a rare upgrade? We'll compare your upgrade path to regular RSI pricing and show you how much of a bargain you get.

We've decided to upgrade Navigator now, because we believe even in its limited scope it will already help you save money. However, the goal is to add the above features as soon as possible to ensure you'll always find the best bargain for the ship you want. We'll be working hard to add these features asap! What's definitely not planned:
Upgrade Navigator will NOT read your RSI data. We believe for security reasons, you should never trust a third party tool or website to access your RSI account - be safe! Thus, Upgrade Navigator will not ask for RSI access; since we believe you're perfectly capable of knowing what ships you own and want to upgrade.