About Upgrade Navigator

Upgrade Navigator is the premier tool for Star Citizen enthusiasts, meticulously crafted to optimize your upgrade experience. A proud product of community effort, this platform has been championed by Star Hangar, and aims to encompass not just Star Hangar but include as many of the different star citizen community markets as possible.

Our Vision
We envision a user experience as seamless as the Upgrade Tool in the Pledge Store, but with added sophistication. Discover the infinite possibilities with our unique upgrade chains and gain access to any upgrade, anytime.

While Upgrade Navigator strives to provide the most accurate and timely information, we are neither affiliated with nor accountable for the products, prices, or purchases on the websites we refer to. We urge our users to navigate and transact with prudence.

Upgrade Navigator is sponsored and made possible by Star Hangar, LLC who retain copyright and provide chat support for our site.